Happy Accidents

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  • http://misangela.com Misangela

    OMG. I had no idea what the fracas was about… What a CLUSTERCLUCK! LOL (Yes, I’ve been around Nick WAY too long!)

  • AJ

    Aw, man. I’m kicking myself for not thinking of that title!

  • http://threepanelopera.com Ben Rankel

    Got to be honest. When I saw that commercial, I thought the dude was Australian.

  • http://threepanelopera.com Ben Rankel

    Oops, just used the wrong email for that last comment.

  • AJ

    Honestly, I did too at first. But a check on Wikipedia revealed he’s originally from South Africa. He also has lived in New Zealand and Australia, which are actually really similar accents.

  • eab

    Just weird hearing that accent saying “You Americans sure do love your chicken.”

    I didn’t hear that in the commercial. Did I miss it or were you taking creative lisence?

  • AJ

    Nah, I was paraphrasing, but that’s kind of the gist of what he was saying :)

  • http://www.addanaccity.com George

    I just my mail-in coupon the other day. KFC had the nerve to put expiration dates on ‘em too. Like I hadn’t just waited 3 months for it.